About Us

About us

 Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp is a Christian ministry focusing on both summer youth camps and year-round retreats.

 Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp was founded in 1943 in order to train young people for Christian service.  The camp's organizers worked to motivate young men and women to commit themselves to full-time Christian service in order to increase the number of missionaries, ministers, and other servants of Christ's kingdom.

 In the earliest years, Mahoning Valley offered only three camp programs each summer.  Beginning in the late 1940s, our program started to grow, and it now includes sessions spanning the entirety of the summer break from school along with numerous retreats throughout the rest of the year.  During our growth, our emphasis expanded to include both full-time Christian service for those so called and lifelong holy living for everyone in the program. 

 Throughout our history, we have relied heavily on the support of the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in east-central and southeastern Indiana for both financial contributions and volunteer service.  Our partnership with these churches has been essential to our continued ministry.

 Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp Inc. in Rushville, Indiana, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.