Summer Camps

College Camp | 2021 High School Graduates - Age 25 | August 11 - 15, 2021

  We're again offering a camp for college-age people. With a fun mixture of outdoor adventure and leisurely relaxation--all while focusing on growing in faith and connecting to God through Christ--this session may be just what you need to reignite or deepen your spiritual life.

  Please note that this camp session will be traveling away from Mahoning Valley for the weekend. We will meet at Mahoning Valley at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, and we will head off site shortly after that. We will be back to the camp by 4:00 on Sunday.

  Yes, I realize that I haven't given you much information to go on. As we learn more about what group interaction guidelines and travel restrictions will look like in the coming months, we will share more information about what exactly we will be doing. Past sessions of College Camp have included excursions like whitewater rafting, camping and hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, canoe/kayak float trips, and more. We're looking along those lines again.

  Brandon Grubbs of the Wilkinson Church of Christ will be leading our College Camp. College camp is only $225.

  If you're ready to register, please click here to go to the online registration page, or you may use this paper registration form to register by postal mail.