Building the Legacy

  We are thrilled to update you on our Building the Legacy campaign to prepare Mahoning Valley for the next 75 years of reaching and teaching young people for Christ's kingdom. We are currently renovating the original camp building (the old girls dorm & cafeteria) into a five-room motel-style facility, and we were able to pay off the camp's debt in January of 2018.  Fundraising for Phase Three, the replacement of the swimming pool, is now underway. Please check out this video and continue reading below to learn more about the vision for Mahoning Valley's future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three phases?

  Phase One is a complete renovation of the old girls dorm, the original camp building that had sat vacant since 2009, into a motel-type facility ($270,000). This renovated building will be called the Legacy Lodge.
  Phase Two is to completely pay off all of the camp's debt ($130,000). 
  Phase Three is the construction of a new swimming pool and bath house ($250,000).

When will each phase begin?

  Each of the phases will be done in order.  We have the money on hand to complete Phase One, and construction is currently underway. Paying off the Camp's debt--Phase Two--was completed in January of 2018. 
  Phase Three will not commence until the necessary funds have been collected. 

Why is Phase One more expensive than Phase Three?

  Phase One includes some infrastructure spending, including an additional septic system and a new well, that will serve both the renovated dorm and the new pool. We put the costs into Phase One because that project cannot be completed without these upgrades.

What is the problem with the current pool?

  First, the pool has constant leaks. Despite making annual repairs (including 13 concrete repairs in 2017 alone), shifting ground caused by the nearby natural spring makes repairs a losing battle. Second, the location of the pool makes both security and the access of emergency vehicles (should they be necessary) difficult. Finally, the piping system is undersized compared to modern standards, meaning that 

How many beds will the Lodge hold?

  The plan is for five rooms, each with its own separate entrance and restroom. Each room will house six. This provides the camp 30 total additional beds, which across our eight-week summer camp season gives us the opportunity to serve 240 additional people.

Where did the debt come from?

  The camp debt came from the construction of the Retreat Center. Though the building was donated, the foundation, interior, and furnishings required additional funds.
  The debt is not operating debt; the camp has been aggressively paying off its debt for many years now and has made progress towards that end every year.